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Candice McGarvey

Flying Paper Airplanes is a lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing my love for food, motherhood, DIY and adventure! It is my goal to inspire and nurture others as I open my home, set the table and share life with you.

A paper airplane, to me, is a symbol of tradition and adventure. Our grandparents constructed paper planes, our parents, us, and now our children… some things never change. The best part of making paper airplanes, is the fun of seeing how far they can fly, the adventure. Sometimes they crash, making an opportunity for other to join in, to help the plane to fly. Every time I have made a paper airplane, people want to play, to show me their unique way to construct the most perfectly aerodynamic plane, to show how they were taught.

Food has always been a part of my life. The fondest memories of my childhood are of times spent in the kitchen learning to cook with my grandma. Feeding people and nurturing community is a passion of mine. If I had my choice my house would always be full of friends with really full bellies. I simply love opening my home to others and want to make it an inviting and fun place.

I believe it is important to preserve family traditions, despite the fast pace world around me. My amazing husband and sweet little boy are the center of my world. I am learning to be a mother to the most compassionate and silly 3 year old. I believe it is important to preserve family memories and stories, learning from those who have poured into us. With my son, I want to share adventures, experience food and teach my little man how to love others and most importantly, to love Jesus. And I need all the advice I can get! I will share with you all the ways that I am learning to creatively engage his little imagination.

I value adventure! I love traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Through Flying Paper Airplanes, I will share my favorite places, our travels local and abroad; restaurants, outdoors and even around the globe.