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Bourbon Pecans

Friday, December 11th, 2015


It’s important to me that others feel warm and welcomed upon entering my home & leave feeling better about themselves than when they arrived.

Practice Hospitality.

It can be as simple as a little handmade parting gift or a snail Mail notes to thank someone for helping to bring joy to your holiday season. This Christmas, it will be slow roasted candied Bourbon Pecans that will be sent home with my guests.

Bourbon Pecans

16 oz. pecan halves

4 egg whites

3 tbs. bourbon

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. course salt


Combine sugars, cinnamon and salt. Whisk together egg whites, bourbon and vanilla extract. The vanilla gives these pecans a perfectly rich, gourmet touch.



Toss the dry pecans into the egg white mixture. Once all nuts are evenly coated, allow the pecans to soak for 5-10 minutes. Next, toss in the sweet sugar mixture.


Evenly spread the pecan mixture onto a parchment lined sheet pan. Here, I used a spilpat. Drizzle any excess egg mixture over the pecans.


Roast the pecans at 250 degrees for 1 hour, tossing every 15 minutes. Mixture should look dry and slightly crumbly when finished.


Allow these hot, sticky pecans to cool before tasting!

Sweet, salty and crunchy with a nice kick of bourbon these candied pecans will make a lovely gift during the holiday season.(These purple Ball mason jars had me at hello!)


It is my prayer that with each bite, my friends will know that they are so very loved.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


My little kindergartner rushes home each day with an empty belly. After he kisses momma and baby brother, he runs straight into the kitchen for his afternoon snack. Typically, a healthy snack fills his empty stomach best but sometimes… an afternoon sweet treat is in order!

Today I prepared Jude a piping cup of hazelnut hot chocolate paired with pie crust cookies. I had them ready when he walked in the door. We sat talked about his day and giggled over our treats. I love having a little boy who enjoys the simply things in life like CHOCOLATE.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

(2 servings)

2 cups milk

1/4 cup hazelnut chocolate spread (Nutella)

2 tbs. cocoa powder

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Marshmallows or homemade whipped cream (optional)

In a sauce pan add milk, hazelnut chocolate spread, cocoa and vanilla. Heat the mixture on medium, stirring continuously until all chocolate is melted and beverage is thick. Do not allow the mixture to boil. When you see small bubbles form around the edge of the pan it is time to pour and drink up. Top with marshmallow or fluffy whipped cream.




I prepared quick and easy pie crust cookies, filling each with a teaspoon of hazelnut chocolate spread. Finished with an egg wash an sprinkling of course sugar on top these crunchy cookies really were fantastic. Jude dipped and dipped is cookies in warm hot chocolate.




Bacon, Jalapeno and Gorgonzola Scones

Friday, December 4th, 2015

imageI love brunch.




Scones… sweet, sweet, sweet!

Sometimes its nice to have something different, something savory. These bacon, jalapeño and gorgonzola scones were perfect for my husband, who isn’t to big on sweets. Paired with two eggs (sunny side up) and a cup of hot coffee, we made the best of a lazy Saturday morning.

Bacon, Jalapeno and Gorgonzola Scones

2 cups flour

1 tbs. baking powder

4 tbs. cold butter

1 cup cold heavy cream

1 egg, slightly beaten

4 oz. gorgonzola

2 fresh jalapeños, diced

1 tsp chili powder

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine flour, baking and chili powders. Blend in cold butter until mixture resembles course meal. This can be done by pulsating ingredients in a food processor, simply using a pastry blender or even worked together with your fingers.

Next, gently stir in the cream and eggs until a soft dough forms.



Using your hands or a rubber spatula fold in the bacon, cheese and jalapeños. (Note: if you are sensitive to the heat, wear rubber gloves when handling jalapeños)


Sprinkle a bit of flour onto your counter or cutting board. Form dough into a round, flat disc and slice into 8 “pizza slices.”


Bake for 15 minutes, on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (I used a silpat), until slightly golden brown.

These scones are best when served warm out of the oven.


Two eggs over easy and I am one happy girl!



What I’m loving…

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


Simply Tuesday: 

A book by Emily Freeman

Simply Tuesday Introduction from Emily P Freeman on Vimeo.

The world around us values those who hustle and produce. I am wired this way. Often I feel insignificant, less valuable, when I am not producing BIG things. Striving to be the best mother and wife, running a profitable business, achieving goals, even maintaining a clean, tidy home in the mist of chaos. This are the things that give me a sense of worth.

Can we embrace our smallness? Yes. It is time to embrace our small-living moments. Emily challenges readers to embrace Tuesdays, our most normal day. Tuesdays remind us who we are, that we are human.

“Small is an invitation to participate in something greater than ourselves.” (pg. 29) 

When we are made small, God is made bigger. Simply stopping to sit on a bench for a sweet chat with your neighbor or taking time in those little moments of wonder you see in your child’s eyes… It is in these small moments that we must live.

Grab a copy of Simply Tuesday and take enjoy a few small moments of your own.

Also, subscribe to Emily Freeman’s blog and start creating a space for YOUR soul to breathe.

Belong Magazine

A magazine for bloggers



“Belong Magazine is designed to celebrate the art and community of blogging. In all that we do, our mission is to inspire women to use their passions for a purpose in crafting and sharing honest words, images and ideas virtually to be life-giving and encourage others. It is our desire for women to know that they are enough, their voice matters, and that they have a place. They belong.”

I received a free copy of Belong Magazine at this year’s Allume conference. First of all, I was excited to dig into the pilot issue because it was beautifully printed. Clean, crisp with vivid green succulents on the cover. Opening any magazine I immediately begin scanning for recipes, though I knew this was a magazine for bloggers, I did just this. Ahhh… Yes! The pilot issue includes a recipe for Caramel Apple French Toast Casserole and a Strawberry Marshmallow Dip! I also enjoyed Styled Sophistication, an article on blog styling as well as What is Blogging, which focuses defining what blogging really is.

I am looking forward to purchasing my copy of  Belong Magazine, Issue #1, which began shipping this week! This magazine is also available for digital download.

Who We Might Become

A worship album by my friend Kirby Kaple

album promo-08-2

We moved to Georgia in 2008 and quickly became friends with the lovely, talented Kirby Kaple. She and her husband Rob showed us Southern hospitality at its finest. I had never heard a Southern drawl until I met this sweet girl!

Kirby led worship at our church while I was pregnant with our son Jude. Our life was filled with her beautiful voice as we worshipped. As soon as our son began to talk, I could see his heart for Jesus and his special love for our friend Kirby. Somehow I know that he could hear her voice from inside me singing, “He loves us..”

Our friends have since moved. Kirby is working with House Fires a worship collective out of Atlanta, Georgia AND she has been working passionately to write and produce her very own album, Who We Might Become. Her words are heart felt, as her music so genuinely draws me closer to the King.

Go preorder your copy of Who We Might Become today on iTunes and receive 3 songs upon purchase!

Flying Paper Airplanes