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3 Tips for a Perfectly Roasted Turkey

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

I remember waking up Thanksgiving morning at the crack of dawn to help my grandmother prepare to roast our holiday turkey. It was imperative that the turkey make its way into the oven before the sun came up. Why? I am not quite sure considering it only takes about 4 hours to cook a 20 lb. turkey…

Every year I helped Gram cook our thanksgiving feast and every year I cut my knuckle open on the potato peeler. Here are a few tips learned over the years for making the best ever turkey for your family:

#1. The key to a juicy turkey is a compound butter

Soften a stick of unsalted butter and mix in your favorite herbs. For turkey, I use sage, rosemary, thyme and orange zest. Gently pull back the skin, away from the meat, and spread  1/2 of the butter underneath.  The butter will slowly baste the turkey as it cooks. The flavors of the herbs infuse the meat. Massage the remaining butter onto the outside of the turkey  to get that crispy crunchy skin that family and friends fight over.


#2. Using a roasting bag = lots of gravy

My grandmother always, always used a roasting bag to prepare our Thanksgiving turkey. Roasting bags trap moisture inside resulting in a super juicy and flavorful bird! Using an oven bag shortens cooking time. No more waking up at 4am to get the turkey started, 3-4 hours for a perfectly cooked turkey and the skin, so crispy and golden brown. When the roasting is complete you will be left with several cups of rich tasty drippings, perfect for gravy. The best part… no scrubbing a roasting pan.


#3. Use a meat thermometer to avoid an over-cooked turkey

It cannot be a guessing game, it is so important to ensure your turkey is completely cooked but never dry. The proper temperature for a fully cooked turkey is 165 degrees. Insert an instant read thermometer into the thigh of the turkey until the temperature reaches 165 degrees. Once removed from the oven, tent the turkey in foil and allow it to rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.

So many of my friends are terrified of preparing the star of their family meal. There is nothing to be afraid of… IT IS ONLY A BIRD! You can do it.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends

Tips For Hosting Your Holiday Dinner Party

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Make a dinner menu and stick to it!

Write out a grocery list. Yes, with pen and paper. I like to plan my menu several days, even up to 2 weeks, in advance so that I am sure to remember all the little things I may need. When planning your dinner menu, consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. Read your recipes prior to shopping to ensure you have everything you need to make each dish on your menu. Make a list, check it twice.

Get a head start

Don’t wait until of the day of your gathering to clean the house, prep the dinner and decorate. I always pre-chop all my vegetables, prepare my compound butter and set the dinner table at least a day in advance. I even set out serving platters, ready to be filled with warm comforting Thanksgiving dishes. Some things even taste better when prepared early, like my cranberry-orange relish. Mason jars or ziplock bags are great for storing pre-chopped ingredients. Dinner is so much easier to prepare when all your ingredients are recipe ready. These steps also helps to cut down on dinner day dirty dishes. Start your dinner party with an empty dishwasher.


Create an inviting atmosphere

Make your guests feel comfortable. Great music and candles are musts! I usually put together a festive playlist using Spotify or Pandora. Keep in mind your guest preferences… It’s ok to ask them beforehand what kind of music they like. When choosing candles, pick a subtle (in season) aroma. I like pumpkin, apple or cinnamon in the fall. Often times I will add a few coffee beans to a 25 cent vanilla votive. It is nice to have a few comfy pillows or throw blankets folded and setup in the living room.


Choose a theme

Even just a few small decorations can make any meal extra special; a vase of flowers, colorful leaves picked by your little ones or go BIG with a full out theme. Pull out real plates, not the paper throw away kind. What good is owning that fancy China if it lives only to collect dust? I am planning to decorate with gold accents for my Thanksgiving meal.


Avoid the awkward dance of musical chairs around the dinner table. Prepare a well thought out seating chart, one where everyone can be included in the meal conversations and make place (name) cards for each guest. My dining room table is too small for a large group. Michael and I drag our kitchen table into the dining to create a space where all our friends can sit and eat together. Get creative with your place tags, maybe a little welcome note, funny pictures or a take home favor. I love decorating kids tables! Set a special place for the kiddos and they will be happy and feel oh so grown up.

Simple appetizers

Prepare a light and simple appetizer; an elegant cheese board, fresh vegetable tray or a warm dip. On holidays, so much time is spent preparing the main course and very involved side dishes. Setting out a simple appetizer spread will allow the host to put those finishing touches on the meal while guest nibble and chat. This year, I plan on setting out homemade cheese straws,  slices of prosciutto, pear wedges and a few pieces of really good cheese.


Make yourself at home
I want my guest to feel right at home. I usually provide guests with a tour of my home; where to put their coats and purses, the location of our guest restroom and where to relax comfortably during pre and post dinner entertainment. If I am busy cooking, I ask a friend who is familiar with my home to greet guests. Providing these details puts a person as ease. I always setup a self serve coffee and tea bar, directing guests to make themselves at home. Ensure each guest is greeted and introduced to one another for a warm start to your gathering.


Guest Book

Our friend Margaret keeps a guest book for her home. All of her guests sign in and leave a note during their visits… what a great way to record memories, remember dates and special events that have taken place in your lovely home. Simply ask your guests to sign in when they arrive to your home. Our son Jude loves signing Mrs. Margarets book and flip the pages backwards to find his signatures from past visits. Wouldn’t it also be fun to snap a picture of your party guests to tape in your guest book?


Party favor or gift

We want others to leave our homes feeling better about themselves, not better about US! I love preparing a small gift for my guest, a token of appreciation for being such wonderful guests; a thank you note, a small bag of good chocolates, or a jar of homemade jam. Let’s face it we are not the only ones who like to entertain but our friends choose our home to gather… Let them know how much you love them. This Thanksgiving each of my guest will be taking home a jar of homemade Bourbon Pecans.

Take help

I am often torn as to whether it is acceptable to take help from dinner guests. When a host stops entertaining to tend to dishes and/or cleaning, this signals guests that the party is over. However, during holiday gatherings I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to take help from close friend or family. Make it fun! Turn the music up, dance in the kitchen while you scrub those dishes and clear the dinner table. But ALWAYS REMEMBER… quality time with guests comes before the mess.

What are some of your best dinner party tips?

Practice Hospitality

Romans Twelve Thirteen

At Home with My Boys

Sunday, November 1st, 2015


Twenty little finger and twenty little toes.

2015 has proven to be a beautiful one for my family. Jude started kindergarten and we were blessed with a new baby Bear. This adventure of ours just gets better and better. Yes, our newborn baby’s legal name is Bear Westerburg. So many of you have asked all about it, so here’s the story…

After reading through tons of Berenstain Bears books, my oldest son protested against mom and dad because we could never be the family we were supposed to be without a baby bear. All good families are composed of a Papa Bear, Mama Bear, a Brother Bear and a Baby Bear, right? I never planned on having a second child, one sweet baby boy was all I needed to spoil and love. But my friends and family thought differently. This rambunctious group of ladies from church created hashtag #teambabybear… a campaign to convince me of my need for another bundle of joy. So when I got pregnant, it was only natural to begin addressing our baby as Bear.






When I suggested we actually name our new little guy Bear, my husband called me a silly hippie… haha! But it was the only name that really seemed right.





Each day I thank God that he saw fit to bless me not with what I wanted, rather what I needed. Our little Bear has enriched our lives and completed our sweet, sweet family.


Our Jude has stepped into the role of Big Brother brilliantly. The way he looks into his baby brother’s eyes is enough to make my heart explode. He has already begun to plan all the adventures these little bears will have together!



Photography by Holly Tye.

Flying Paper Airplanes